Essel Infraprojects Limited (EIL)

Essel Infraprojects Limited (EIL)

Essel Infraprojects Ltd (EIL)

EIL is the infrastructure arm and one of the fastest growing companies of the Group with interest in Road Projects of National highways and state Highways, Urban Infrastructure with specific focus on Sports infrastructure, Commercial & Residential Complexes, Power projects In Thermal, Hydel, Solar, Wind, Transmission and distribution Projects, Water management with Specific focus on Desalination, Waste water treatment and Distribution, Solid Waste management and Special Economic Zones.

EIL has subsidiaries in EPC and have built a tower in media City in Dubai and are building a school complex to house an IB, ICSC School, Institute of Media, Journalism and Hotel Management at Bandra Kulra Complex apart from building for the Group Companies.
Road Projects:

EIL has already demonstrated an excellent track record in Road Projects and is dynamically pursuing Road Projects across the country. Some of its projects are:
Malegaon Manmad Koapargaon Road: EIL has finished the construction of 200 Lane Km Stretch road project in July 2007. The project outlay was Rs 113 cr
EIL has also constructed the Lebad Jaora Road project in MP of 600 Lane Km with a project outlay of around Rs 815cr.
The company is presently constructing 5 projects of 1000 lane KM, with 4 being in Madhya Pradesh ad one in Gujarat and actively pursuing to win projects of 3000 Lane Km in the next one year.

Urban Infrastructure Development:

EIL is developing a sports city in Bhopal spread over an area of 172 acres. The project outlay is around Rs 1600cr. The complex of 8 Million sq. ft would comprise sports facilities, a golf course, commercial and residential complexes, a mall and a hotel.
Its also developing a Family recreation centre comprising an amusement park and a water park in Bhopal spread over 50 acres.
It also has plans to develop a commercial and residential complex of 2.6 million Sq. ft. in Hyderabad.

Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

The Company is setting up a multi product SEZ in Mumbai relating to Media/Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Leisure & Shopping and Sports & Recreation. The Company has received a formal approval for around 270 acres. It is coming up in RTDZ Zone with a project outlay of around RS 2500 cr.

Power projects

The company is developing a Hydel project between 75 to 120 MW in Lower Solu under BOOT arrangement with Government of Nepal. It's a joint venture with Clean Energy Development bank Ltd, Nepal. The project outlay is around Rs 350 cr.
The company has signed an MOU with Government of Madhya Pradesh for setting up 660 MW Thermal Power project in the state of Madhya Pradesh with a Project outlay of Rs. 3000 Crores
The Company is bidding for transmission project of 750 km with a projects outlay of Rs. 1600 Crores.
The Company is also bidding for Distribution projects.
The Company is concentrating on Renewable Energy projects Such as Solar Power and Wind Power.

Water Management

The Company is actively pursuing opportunities in water management related projects such as water distribution, irrigation, desalination, water treatment etc.
It has been prequalified for a water project in Rajasthan and is likely to bid few more in the states of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Solid Waste Management
The Company is actively pursing opportunities in Solid Waste Management.

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